Key Attractions

Want to visit DuPont State Forest, but not sure where you want to go?

Most first time visitors want to see falling water, and DuPont State Forest probably has as much per square mile as any public land in the Southeast. The large falls are on the Little River, but a couple of smaller falls on the Grassy Creek offer variety and perhaps more solitude.

This page gives a brief overview of the most popular attractions and destinations in the Forest. Follow the link for more information, including directions.

Triple Falls

The two largest and most popular waterfalls are accessed by walking upstream of the popular Hooker Falls parking lot on Staton Road. Triple Falls is about a 7 minute walk upstream, though the main trail is quite steep as you approach the falls.

High Falls

High Falls is about 15 minutes farther upstream from Triple Falls, on mostly moderate terrain.

Hooker Falls

Hooker Falls drops off an 11' ledge directly into Cascade Lake. This waterfalls features new handicapped access parking and observation deck (contact Management for access). Hooker is about a 6 minute walk downstream from the Hooker Falls parking lot.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is perhaps the most unique falls in the State Forest, with a 4' tall overhanging ledge on the upper section, and a long, shallow whitewater incline along the lower section. Access to Bridal Veil requires a longer hike or ride than other falls.

Wintergreen Falls

A 20' cascade on the Grassy Creek, Wintergreen offers solitude on the Henderson County side of the Forest.

Grassy Creek Falls

Grassy Creek Falls spills down a shallow inclined slab in a verdant cove not far from the High Falls bridge.

Cedar Rock Mountain

As mountains go, this one is tiny. But the hundreds of acres of exposed granite make this dome a popular destination for cyclists and hikers alike.

Stone Mountain

If you are looking for a little cardiovascular excercise, take the "long route" from Old CCC Rd. up to Stone Mountain, the Forest's highest point at 3600 ft. The granite dome offers a 180 degree vista over the Forest during spring, summer, and fall, with nearly 360 degree views during the winter. A shorter route is also available off Sky Valley Road.

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