Key Attractions from Corn Mill Shoals Access Area

For Corn Mill Shoals Access Area on Cascade Lake Road, see Directions.
All directions are one way.

Corn Mill Shoals

Corn Mill Shoals is a cascade on the Little River upstream from the major water-falls. It and the Covered Bridge are the only crossings of the Little River in DuPont State Recreational Forest. One can cross here upstream of the cascade but it is very slippery.


Via Corn Mill Shoals Trail

  • The shortest and easiest route to Corn Mill Shoals is to cross the Cascade Lake Road and go down Corn Mill Shoals Trail 1.0 mile to the Little River and the actual shoals.

Via Big Rock/Cedar Rock Mountain

This is a good stout climb (500 foot elevation change) but there are some breaks and a chance to catch your breath every so often. Follow the cairns (small piles of rocks) and stay off the moss. Big Rock Trail takes you across granite domes with great views. When you emerge on top of Cedar Rock you have a pano-ramic view of the expanse of DuPont State Recreational Forest.

  • Cross over Cascade Lake Road and take Corn Mill Shoals Trail 0.1 miles and turn left on the Big Rock Trail for 0.8 miles. Follow the cairns (small piles of rock) and stay off the moss.

  • At the junction of Cedar Rock Trail, left to the north leads down the mountain to the power lines for 1.0 mile with a loop to the right and Little River Trail for 1.2 miles.

  • Right turn on Cedar Rock Trail will take you down a slick rock descent for 0.6 miles with a loop to the right on Little River Trail 0.6 miles.

  • Go left on Corn Mill Shoals Trail 0.3 miles the shoals.
  • Total distance to the shoals is 3.4 miles when left and 2.4 miles when right.

Corn Mill Shoals

Big Rock

Cedar Rock

Rock Quarry Loop

The Rock Quarry was a commercial operation prior to becoming part of DuPont State Recreational Forest. Large stones from here are now used by the forest service.

  • Cross over Cascade Lake Road and make an immediate left for 0.2 miles on Longside Trail.
  • Turn left on Twixt Trail for 0.4 miles.
  • Cross Cascade Lake Road with a jog to the right and go up Rock Quarry Road 0.7 Miles. Bear left at the south side of the quarry to the major junction.
  • Turn left on Buck Ridge Road for 0.6 Miles.
  • Go left on Micajah trail for 0.6 miles.
  • Turn right on Wilkie Trail for 0.4 miles. This is a nice decent with some slick rock and leads to Cascade Lake Road just south of the parking lot.
  • Total loop is 2.9 miles.