Our previous post included the public notice for a public hearing on the proposed remediation plan for the 420 acre “donut hole” inside DuPont State Recreational Forest.  This tract was originally an industrial site (DuPont) and has been in environmental study and remediation for the past 14 years.

The proposed plan has been presented to both Friends of DuPont Forest and the DuPont State Forest Advisory Committee for review.  Neither organization has expressed concerns about the plan, and FODF president Bev Parlier stated that her organization supports the proposal.    The remediation plan is focused toward the proposed transfer of the property to the Division of Forest Resources, and is predicated on certain restrictions on the future use of the tract (such as non-residential use).

The Division of Environmental Quality has posted detailed technical information about the proposed remediation plan, which is the subject of the Public Hearing on June 23rd.

Additionally, the following Frequently Asked Questions has been posted on the NC Forest Service website about the future of the 420 acre tract inside DuPont State Recreational Forest.