Over 6 inches of rain has fallen as of noon Friday. The Little River has risen quickly, an indication of very wet soil conditions. Because of this all single-track trails are closed until further notice. Based on forecast rain over the weekend the closure will remain in place until at least Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019.

Saturated trail surfaces will be soft so that foot traffic, bicycles and equestrian users will cause erosion issues and rutting. Forest roads and graveled two-track trails such as High Falls Loop, Triple Falls Trail and Hooker Falls Trail will remain open as conditions allow.

During your visit to DSRF, please pay attention to signage or barricades related to the trail closures. Be aware that all trails, even those that are not closed, may have debris and icy or muddy slick conditions so use them at your own risk.

For updates, please refer to the DSRF website or the NCFS Facebook page:



To report trail problems or for questions call the Forest Supervisor at 828-877-6527.