In an exciting development built on years of work, the DuPont Company has gifted the 476-acre tract of land in the very center of the forest to the state of North Carolina.  The tract is the site of the former DuPont film plant owned that at one time employed more than 1000 local people and operated for more than 40 years.

The property is important because it allows DuPont State Recreational Forest to control development and activities in close proximity to Bridal Veil Falls, High Falls, and the Visitors Center. It also has the potential to provide excellent trail connections, such as a much faster way to get to Bridal Veil Falls. Local lawmakers are also discussing other benefits, such as additional parking and swimming at Lake DERA, the lake once used by DuPont employees.

This development was possible thanks to cooperation and steady work by DuPont management, local lawmakers, including Chuck McGrady and Chris Whitmire, and Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler.  The agreement will allow the NC National Guard to use the former industrial site for training and other logistics.  The site has been undergoing environmental study and remediation since the closing in 2002.

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