If you spend much time in the Forest, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Ann and Chuck Hackford. They’re big time volunteers in the Forest, having worked on Tour de Falls, Hemlock and Chestnut restoration projects, and the Forest Festival. Most recently, they’ve been organizing the Friends of DuPont Forest monthly Trash Bash workdays (volunteers always welcome).

What fuels their volunteer spirit? Chuck and Ann say that it’s their love of the outdoors and recognition of the importance and challenge of maintaining the beauty and integrity of the Forest.

Not to worry, Ann and Chuck do more than volunteer. They enjoy lots of trail running, hiking and mountain biking in the Forest. They say that their favorite trail is the one they happen to be on. However, they do tend to seek out the quieter less popular trails. 

Chuck and Ann hope that the Forest will continue to provide a window for people to see, feel, and understand the beauty of wild places. And maybe, just maybe, this experience would lead them to want to become guardians of these extraordinary environs.    

Chuck and Ann Hackford

Chuck and Ann Hackford

Trash Bash Leaders