Ingrid was born in Asheville, NC and spent her childhood hiking the trails, wading in the streams and camping in the forests of Western North Carolina. After college she moved to Charleston, SC where she began her lifelong career in medical/clinical research, working in various capacities at Medical University of South Carolina. From Charleston, Ingrid moved to Henderson, NV in 2001 and while living in the Southwestern United States she explored the desert trails and beautiful landscapes of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and California. After her time in the southwestern US, a few pack-packing trips through Central and South America as well as some other trips abroad, she realized how much she loved and missed her home and family, as well the general region of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ingrid returned to her home in Asheville, NC in 2003. 

Ingrid now lives in Laurel Park (Hendersonville), NC, with her husband, Brandon, and son, Kelly. She currently works within the biotech space as Project Manager for Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. In her free-time, Ingrid loves to read, try new recipes with her husband, hike the local trails, travel, and just being outside as much as possible. Having grown up in Western North Carolina, she has always been deeply sentimental about the region’s diverse ecology as well as its unique flora and fauna. She is beyond enthusiastic and excited about DuPont’s accessibility to the general public and is committed to do her part in helping to preserve its beauty and pristine quality for years to come and future generations. 

Ingrid received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a specialization in freshwater fish parasitology from University of North Carolina at Asheville in 1995 and her Master’s of Science in Health Science with specialization in leadership from The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2016. She is also currently a George Washington Women in Business Alumni Member, supporting future business leaders with mentorship, networking and panel discussion participation.