We Protect the Forest

Friends of DuPont Forest is a strong advocate for the Forest. From water quality to trails to public safety to wildlife, we campaign for policies and investment that protect and conserve the Forest.

We leverage funding for improvements like bridges, bathrooms and the Visitor Center that protect the Forest’s natural resources and enhance recreation.

Our Advocacy Work

For the past several years, Friends of DuPont Forest has advocated for a Master Recreation Plan and in 2024 it is becoming a reality. We are excited to partner with the N.C. Forest service to protect our world-class trail system and meet the challenges of becoming one of the most visited public lands in the southeast.

The goal of the Master Recreation Plan is to create a sustainable trail system that protects a variety of recreational trail experiences while skillfully managing the Forest’s unique environmental resources. 

The purpose of the Master Recreation Plan is to develop clear goals and objectives that will act as a guiding document for the NC Forest Service and prioritize needs related to recreation and environmental protection. The end product will suggest capital improvements to enhance the visitor experience while protecting natural resources, along with management recommendations and annual funding requirements.

Friends of DuPont Forest believes that a successful plan will address:

  • Visitation 
  • Parking
  • Trail maintenance
  • Multi-use trails
  • Protection of natural resources 

Fundraising for Trails

Through membership support, grant funding, and donations Friends of DuPont Forest keeps the wildlife safe, the water clean, and the trails awesome.

Thanks to our generous donors and members we provide financial support for:

  • Major trail projects
  • Trail maintenance training
  • Capital improvements such a bathrooms and bridges

Become A Voice For the Forest