A true native to Brevard with ambitions to live anywhere other than WNC, Matt traveled “far” to Appalachian State University for undergraduate and graduate degrees.  While living in Boone, North Carolina he began to encounter fellow students and faculty exclaiming how amazing it must have been growing up in Brevard.  At first he was hesitant to accept praise for the area he was born, but as he traveled and spent time in other “big mountain” towns, he began to understand how lucky he  was.  Riding mountain bikes as a kid in Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Forest were just activities he was dragged on by family and friends.  Comprehending the vast amount of recreational areas and activities this area has to offer was not even a thought in his mind.  Looking back on those experiences, whether he enjoyed them or not, shaped the foundation of love he has  for Brevard and WNC as a whole.  

Fortunately, he found employment close to Brevard with Henderson County as a Project Development Planner in the fall of 2012.  Beyond excited to move back and fully embrace the beauty of this area, he decided to start mountain biking again after a six year hiatus while in college.  Spending countless hours on solo and group rides all throughout WNC in State Parks, National Forests, and most importantly DuPont State Forest, he now fully understands why everyone spoke so highly of this area.  DuPont State Forest became his “go to” for a quick after work ride or long suffer fest on the weekends.  There are endless opportunities and places to explore in DuPont which is why he has  not grown tired of riding or spending most of his free time there.  He says, “ And to think, DuPont State Forest might not exist as it does now without several determined individuals who recognized how special this place is and worked diligently to preserve this amazing resource for locals and the countless individuals who visit this area annually.  I am so thrilled to serve on the Friends of DuPont Forest Board while moving forward with the building blocks laid by previous board members.”

Still employed with Henderson County after a brief period with the City of Hendersonville, Matt  lives in Brevard and commutes to work by bike just about every day.  You may see him cruising through DuPont on his way home taking in the endless beauty around every corner.  “I’ll be the one with a backpack on!”