Guion Farm Access Area Sign

A significant project to enlarge the parking area and add a restroom facility at Guion Farm has begun, which means the parking area will close on Monday, November 14 as they begin construction.

The first part of the project will focus on improving the parking area to add about 40 standard vehicle–sized spaces and create a designated parking area for vehicles pulling trailers, buses, and RVs.

Once the parking improvements have been completed, the contractor will begin work on a restroom facility (similar to the one found at the Hooker Falls access area). It will offer standard and accessible toilet stalls and sinks. The building will also house one water fountain and water bottle–filling stations.

Construction will begin Monday, November 14, and is projected to be completed by summer 2023. Officials at DuPont State Recreational Forest are working with the project’s contractor to try and complete the parking area and the restroom in two stages. This approach will limit how long the parking area is closed but should not impact how long the overall project takes.

During the parking area renovation there will be no available parking at Guion Farm, though all trails will remain open. Please make plans to park at a different access area.

Friends of DuPont Forest will update members on the project’s progress. Stay tuned!