Several trails at DuPont State Recreational Forest (DSRF) will be undergoing improvements and maintenance that may result in temporary closures. The work will impact approximately five miles of the trail including Briery Fork Trail, Wintergreen Falls Trail, Hilltop Trail and Grassy Creek Trail. The project will increase the environmental sustainability of these trails and help them hold up to the high level of recreational use as well as large amounts of rainfall.

“Some sections of existing trail that are unsustainable will be decommissioned, and new single-track trail or new trail alignments will be added,” said Jane Dauster, recreation specialist for DuPont State Recreational Forest. “Additionally, some steeply sloped sections of trail will receive rock armoring in order to stabilize the trail tread and reduce erosion, but the trail work will keep character of the existing trails while giving them longevity and reducing sedimentation.”

As part of the project, several trails will receive hardened stream approaches to reduce the erosion and sedimentation. One stream crossing along Briery Fork Trail will be decommissioned to protect water quality, and a second stream crossing on the trail will receive maintenance and hardening to reduce sedimentation from trail use. On Briery Fork Trail, some unsustainable sections of trail will be decommissioned, and new trail will connect visitors to Joanna Road.

“Combining existing sections of Briery Fork Trail with new sustainable trail sections, reducing two creek crossings to one and armoring stream approaches will create a more sustainable trail that better protects the Briery Fork watershed,” said Jason Guidry, forest supervisor at DSRF.

Upon completion of the project, Briery Fork Trail will be consolidated into Turkey Knob Trail, thereby lengthening Turkey Knob Trail and making it the longest trail in DSRF.

The work is being supervised by DSRF staff and will be completed in stages to limit the number of trail closures. The work will be completed by a professional trail contractor selected through a competitive bid process. Forest officials anticipate the project beginning on July 10th with work on Hilltop Trail.

Visitors are encouraged to go to for the latest information about trail closures when planning a visit to DSRF.