DuPont State Recreational Forest offers mountain bikers ride opportunities ranging from easy forest roads to exciting single track. Because the trails have always been shared among all forest users, DSRF is frequently cited as an example of how trail users can “play well together”. DSRF has become a leading MTB destination in the southeast, and the trail maintenance program should allow our trail system to continue to meet the demands of mountain biking visitors.

Please review and follow the Trail Courtesy Triangle:

Trail Courtesy

Mountain bikers should ride only on established trails, should yield to hikers and horses, should avoid moss clusters adjacent to some ‘slick rock’ trail segments, and should avoid the few trails with the biking symbol marked out (most of these are short segments leading to waterfalls, etc).

Simple communication with other users will help DSRF avoid user conflict issues on our shared trails.

When overtaking another user (ESPECIALLY EQUESTRIANS!), communicate early enough to avoid surprising that user, and ask permission to pass. This is especially important when another user is new to the Forest. Similarly, when meeting another user (ESPECIALLY EQUESTRIANS!), slow (or stop) and communicate with the user before passing. Maintain a safe speed, especially when near highly visited areas such as waterfalls, when approaching intersections and where line of sight is limited.  You are likely to meet other bikers, horses and hikers. All trails are two-way. A little courtesy goes a long way toward making our Forest experiences great for everyone who shares DuPont’s trails.

Here are some online resources for mountain biking at DuPont State Recreational Forest:

Pisgah Area SORBA
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IMBA Trail Etiquette
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General Rules and Guidelines

  • Wet rocks are very slippery. Be very careful near waterfalls! Observe all posted restrictions. Visitors often sustain serious injuries on rocks near waterfalls.
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly advised for safety.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  • Do not enter private property adjacent to DuPont State Recreational Forest.
  • Use or public display of alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  • Bring adequate drinking water. The only public water fountains are at the Aleen Steinberg Visitor’s Center.
  • Keep DuPont State Recreational Forest clean! Please pack out your trash. There are no trash containers.
  • The trails are open from daylight to dark except by special permit. Please plan carefully and leave the parking lot before dark.
  • Stay on trails marked with brown wooden trail name signs. Bikers are prohibited on unmarked trails, trails with the bike symbol crossed out, closed trails or trails marked for hikers/foot traffic only.
  • Do not cut brush or alter trails unless you are part of volunteer group working under
    the direction of the N.C. Forest Service. Do not disturb plant life.
  • Check kiosk in access areas for trail closings, special events and dates of hunting season. Wear blaze orange during hunting season.
  • Use of earphones is not recommended. One must be aware of other people approaching in the forest and natural hazards.
  • Trail users are strongly advised to obtain a forest map before going on trails. Free maps are available from Forest Service Staff and from volunteers in the forest.
    Larger, waterproof maps are available from, local retailers and visitor centers as well as volunteers at the forest.
  • Do not block gated entrances.
  • Do not block other vehicles. Note that horse trailers require space to maneuver.
  • Do not park in areas designated for horse trails at Guion Farm and Lake Imaging Access Areas.
  • Buddy up with two or three bikers, reducing vulnerability if you have an accident.
  • In case of emergency call 911. Be able to give your location in relation to the closest trail intersection. If you do ride alone, tell someone what trails you will be on before you go out.