Fishing in DuPont Forest

The waters of DuPont State Recreational Forest include some exceptional fishing opportunities.

The waters of DuPont State Recreational Forest are divided into three categories: impoundments, warm water streams, and cold water streams.

Impoundments: DuPont Forest has five lakes or ponds that are classified for general fishing. To fish the lakes, anglers over 16 years old must possess a basic state fishing license. Warm water game fish such as largemouth bass, bluegill, and red-breast sunfish are found in Lake Julia, Lake Dense, and Fawn Lake. Nutrient levels are typically lower in the headwaters of streams, so the lakes at DuPont, like most mountain lakes, do not produce as many fish as lakes lower in the watershed. Lake Imaging and Lake Alford are small and do not contain as many catchable size fish as the larger lakes.

Warm water streams: These are the larger streams that do not support trout year around. Little River from the outflow from Lake Dense to Hooker Falls is in the NC Wildlife Commission’s delayed harvest program. This portion of the river is stocked with trout, but anglers must catch and release the trout from October through May. Trout caught from June 1 through September 30 may be kept.

Cold water streams: About half of the streams contain cold water fish communities characterized by the presence of trout. Rainbow, brook, and brown trout can be found in many of these streams. Rainbow trout are the most widespread followed by brook trout and brown trout.

All streams are classified as wild trout waters with the exception of the delayed harvest area. Trout fishermen must possess a special trout fishing license, in addition to the basic fishing license.

Fishing is prohibited within 300 feet of the top of all waterfalls. Night fishing is prohibited in all waters on the DuPont State Recreational Forest Game Lands. Anglers must obey all fishing regulations and should refer to the “North Carolina Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Digest” for additional information. Visit for more detailed information.

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Tips for better Fishing in DuPont

  • Trout fishermen must possess a special trout fishing license
  • Night fishing is prohibited
  • Avoid fishing within 300 feet of the top of all waterfalls

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