Lake Julia

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Lake Julia is the largest lake in DuPont Forest, covering 100 acres. Paddling is allowed but the lake is not accessible by vehicle, so visitors need to portage in their kayak, canoe, or paddle board. 

Lake Julia in Summer

Things to know

  • No trash cans; please be prepared to pack in and pack out all of your trash and belongings.
  • No bathrooms.
  • All pets must be on a physical leash and under control at all times.
  • Camping is prohibited.
  • Alcohol and illegal controlled substances are prohibited.
  • Campfires and cooking fires (charcoal, gas, wood, or other fuel) are not allowed in any part of the Forest.

Lake Julia is the largest impoundment in the DSRF. It has a surface area of 99 acres and a maximum depth of 35 feet.  

Gasoline-powered motors are not allowed on the lake, but boats using paddles or oars are allowed.  

There is a small dock and a picnic area near the end of Lake Julia Road a few hundred feet past the DuPont ranger headquarters building.  

The lake has largemouth bass, bluegill, redbreast and redear sunfish, bullheads, and black crappy. In the past, there were rainbow trout but these seem to have been depleted. Overall, fish productivity in this lake is poor due to a lack of nutrients in the water and lack of woody cover on the bottom, which would provide cover for young fish.

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