Triple Falls

This photo was used by Friends of the Falls to help persuade Governor Hunt and the Council of State to protect the waterfalls of the Little River from private residential development.
Photo courtesy: Bill Thomas

The third of the Little River Falls, Triple consists of three distinct cascades, totalling about 120′ in vertical drop. Featured in the movie Last of the Mohicans, Triple Falls is about a seven minute walk from the Hooker Falls parking area.

Directions to Triple Falls:

From the Hooker Falls Access Area on Staton Road (see directions), access the new footbridge over the Little River and follow the trail upstream, under the highway bridge.

Continue on the Triple Falls Trail running parallel to the river and hike upstream about 1000′ on level ground.  Trail then bends to the right and ascends another 1000′ feet up a steep slope. Find view of Triple Falls on your left. There is a trail down to the falls further up on the left.

Return the same way, or continue up to High Falls.